# Getting Started

  1. Install Nodejs from Nodejs Official Page (opens new window)
  2. Install @Vue/cli 4 globally (opens new window)
  3. Clone repo
  4. Navigate to the folder you cloned the repo to
  5. Open your terminal(CMD/Power Shell etc) to project root( or use Shift + right-click in the folder on windows)
  6. At project root (/M-Dash) run one of the following commands in the terminal depending on which you use:
  7. Run npm run dev --open or yarn serve --open to start a local development server
  8. A new tab will be opened in your browser or click the url in the terminal
  9. You can use Reqres (opens new window) to test logging in/out & data tables api
# After, you can also run additional tasks such as:

to build your app for production: npm/yarn run build

To run linting: npm/yarn run lint

You can send us a tweet (opens new window) if you need faster minorish assistance, otherwise create an issue on here.