# Introduction

MadeWithVueJs.com shield (opens new window)

Formerly known by Vuetify Admin Dashboard

M-Dashboard is a simple (Hopefully not ugly) productivity Dashboard to monitor tasks/work, it can also be used as an crud admin panel. Using the Dashboard is pretty simple but requires basic knowledge of Javascript, and the below libraries (Really just the first four)

# Built with

# Vue 2.x (opens new window)

# Vuetify 2.x (opens new window)

is a Vue UI library that allows you to quickly develop designs according to Material Design spec.

# Vue-Router (opens new window)

allows you to build routes/paths and handle the single page app routing.

# Vuex3.x (opens new window)

is a state management library for Vue.js applications. It serves as a centralized store for all the components.

# Vue CLI 4.x (opens new window)

handles a lot of the set up and boilerplate also configures webpack and more

# Axios

Handles making requests and custom instances for different urls

# Apex charts


# Sentry

error monitoring

# Few things on the roadmap

  • user roles
  • user page api's
  • more prepackaged components
  • pro version(if I get to it)
  • this will always be free
  • more features and support
  • dynamic inline edit
  • Cool new login screen

You can send us a tweet (opens new window) if you need faster minorish assistance, otherwise create an issue on here.